From the outside a least, it seems Logitech and Apple have a good relationship for new products, with the iPad 6th generation in 2018, Apple added Apple Pencil support and at the same time, Logitech launched the Crayon which worked with the new iPad and the same thing for various keyboard covers and cases for new iPads over the years. The next one is the new Circle View Camera from Logitech.

The old version, did work with Apple HomeKit but it also worked with Logitech’s Cloud for remote viewing, without HomeKit. The new camera has 1080p video, with 180-degree field of view, with WDR to make sure darker shaded areas are more detailed. It also supports infrared night vision.

The new Circle View Camera now only comes wired, the older model did have a battery option but as the new camera records 24/7, it needs continuous power.

But the big news is that the new Circle View Camera only supports Apple HomeKit and for remote viewing and footage storage, it works with HomeKit Secure Video, something Apple launched with iOS 13. Footage is securely stored in iCloud, with no monthly fees tied to it – however, your iCloud storage plan does need to be on the 200GB or 1TB plan to use HomeKit Secure Video. This means there is no Android support.

Remote video and storage with HomeKit also needs a HomeKit hub, which if you use HomeKit already you’ll be familiar with, which is either an iPad, Apple TV HD or 4K or a HomePod. The HomeKit hub acts as the gateway between the internet and local devices.

The new Circle View camera will go on sale later this month for $160 from Apple and Logitech, but at this time there doesn’t seem to be any UK availability.