Back in March the MOT deadline for cars and vehicles in the UK were automatically extended by six months if they were due to expire on or after the 30th March, so long as the vehicles were kept in a safe and roadworthy condition. According to a Freedom of Information from MoneySuperMarket it is now apparent that over 3 million cars and vans on UK roads have had MOT deadlines extended beyond the 30th March.

The MOT extension doesn’t apply if your vehicle fails the MOT, in order to use the vehicle again the issue will need to be fixed and to retake the MOT.

Delaying the MOT deadline is likely to put increased load and demand on to MOT test centres once the six month extension is up. Kwik Fit as already said it does expect more demand in October, November and the end of the year.

Car workshops have been permitted to stay open during the lockdown in the UK, to mainly keep key workers vehicles on the road and car showrooms in England will be opening again on the 1st June.