Following the tough decision Aston Martin had to make this week, in making getting rid of 500 jobs – Bentley is going to be cutting 1,000 jobs as, like most of the car makers based in the UK it is taking the strain of the impact from the coronavirus.

Bentley will be contacting each of its employees, which is at 4,200 at the moment and offering them to voluntarily leave, with a package based on age, salary and experience and the company needs art least 1,000 to volunteer.

Bentley stopped production for nearly two months recently and for every week Bentley wasn’t making cars, it cost the company £22 million. As a result, the company is not expecting to see any growth again until 2022. To focus on growth again, Bentley will be focusing on making electric cars and developing the brand to electrification. Bentley will start this process by making every model it sells with a hybrid version, by 2023.