Electric cars and vehicles are an important part in society to get the world to reduce its dependancy on damaging fossil fuels and ultimately reduce the amount of CO2 that gets produced. One of the main reasons people steer clear from electric cars is the the range and the availability of public chargers.

Germany is looking at requiring every fuel station in the country have electric car chargers, which is part of a €130 billion plan. This budget includes subsidies for new buyers of electric vehicles.

As mentioned above the main reason buyers don’t go for electric vehicles is range, knowing that somewhere soon will be a place to charge their car. Reuters reported this week and spoke to the founder of Quercus Real Assets who said:

“We know that 97 percent of the reason why they’re not buying electric cars is range anxiety. The German move is a way to try and fix this range anxiety since it means you know a petrol station is always open.”

In May 2020, 168,148 new cars were registered in Germany and only 3.3 percent of those were all electric vehicles.