Google has always had a long history of starting something, then shutting it down and now Google Play Music is going to be shut down this year, with the recent launch of YouTube Music, which is included as part of YouTube Premium.

Google will be shutting down and deleting data for Play Music in December with a four month plan in place, starting this month users will not be able to upload or download any music using the Music Manager, starting in September the streaming service will be shut down in New Zealand and South Africa and then in October the entire worldwide service will be shut down and then the app and website will be taken offline.

Then in December, Google will be deleting all music collections.

This news isn’t new, for the past few months messages have been popping up in the app and back in 2018, Google announced that Google Play Music would be replaced by YouTube Music at some stage.

But if you are using Google Play Music at the moment and want to move to something else, such as YouTube Music, what do you do? Well Google is making the process very easy to move to YouTube Music. Go to and folllow the instructions.