This week, Amazon has announced that it is going to be adding about 1,800 brand new all electric vans to its fleet for Europe this year to help reduce its carbon footprint.

The vans will be Mercedes eSprinter models, of which Amazon will be using 1,200, the other 600 will be eVito vans from Mercedes. This is in a pledge from Mercedes which is committing to have zero carbon emissions by the year 2040, just 20 years away.

Amazon is also committing to reduce CO2, all the electricity used to power the new vans will come from clean sources, Amazon itself will be 100% run on renewable energy by 2025.

What’s an eSprinter?

The eSprinter is an all electric version of the iconic Sprinter panel van from Mercedes, it costs £43,950 after the government grant in the UK, has 96 miles of range, 114bhp, front wheel drive, top speed of 75mph and two front seats. Standard charging option is 20kW, but can be upgraded as an option to 80kW rapid charging.

Charging from 10-80% on 20kW takes two hours and with 80kW, it takes 30 mins.