Skoda has announced today that the Citigo, which shares its platform with the Volkswagen up! and Seat Mii has been killed off and the company has no plans to replace it. If this news sounds familiar, it kinds of is – the petrol and diesel version of the Citigo was taken off sale last year and replaced with the Citigo-e iV and this model only went on sale this year in the Spring.

But despite only just going on sale, the Citigo-e iV has been pulled from sale here in the UK and the rest of Europe. When the Citigo-e iV went on sale, the small allocation of 400 for the UK quickly sold out.

The VW e-up!, on which the electric Citigo is based on and the Seat Mii Electric look to remain on sale. Out of the three, the up! is the only one still offering combustion based versions, with the the line being refreshed earlier this year which saw the return of the much loved up! GTI.

Alain Favey, head of Skoda sales and marketing said:

“Citigo is gone – as far as Europe is concerned we are sold out. There will not be a replacement of the Citigo and we have no intention to have a car of this size in the future.”