There is slowly a steady decline on diesel cars here in the UK, with the preference becoming mild hybrids and fully electric vehicles. Earlier this year Skoda dropped the diesel versions of the Kamiq due to poor demand and Seat did the same with the Ibiza and Arona as customer demand for the diesel versions was low. Now this week, Ford has axed all diesel versions of the Fiesta in the UK due to what the company is saying is “very, very low” demand for the variant.

Earlier this year in June, Ford introduced a new mild hybrid version of the Fiesta. The car uses the hybrid system uses a 48v belt driven starter and generator to supply a small boost of power for the engine in this instance, 15lb ft of torque extra. It uses the 1.0-litre Ecoboost engine and comes in 122bhp and 153bhp versions, starting at £19,860. When this version was launched Ford said that diesel versions of the Fiesta would be around 9% of the total Fiestas sold. Autocar spoke to Ford and the spokesperson confirmed that demand for diesel Fiestas has been “very, very low”.

As of writing, the Fiesta, Puma and new Kuga all have mild hybrid option with the Mustang Mach E being the only BEV Ford currently makes.