Google owns Nest and has done for a number of years now and while it seems the Nest brand is now being used more and more for Google’s home efforts, with Nest WiFi and Nest Audio products popping up, Google is killing off one product which hasn’t really been spoken about much since it launched in 2017.

Nest Secure was the company’s first foray into security for the home, launched over three years ago it was only available in the US and never expanded to any other countries. The product consisted of the Nest Guard base (pictured) which had an NFC reader for the tags it came with as well as talking to various motion sensors you would place on doors and windows. The system retailed for $499 in the US, came with two tags and two Nest Detects, any additional sensors you needed were $59 each and the Tags were $25 each.

Over its lifespan, it never integrated with Apple HomeKit, but it did work with the Nest app.

As of this week, Google is now no longer selling the Nest Secure system, however for those customers who do have one, Google is said to be still supporting those customers, according to what Google told Android Police.

For a full look, check out the review from DetroitBorg on YouTube from 2017.