The penultimate episode of the current series of Top Gear was on last night and this was a very enjoyable episode, the challenge segment was recorded back in August which was at the peak of the lockdown here in the UK, so they went to one of the places in the UK with the best driving roads – Wales. The trio were told to take three GT cars or Grand Tourers, Chris in the brand new Bentley Flying Spur, Paddy in the new Aston Martin DBX and Freddie chose the McLaren GT.

The trio took a road trip up the Anglesey Circuit to conduct some tests, first up was a timed lap, which due to Paddy’s cheating, he won that by not even a second. Next up, F1 driver Heinz-Harald Frentzen joined them to compare the cars against their german equivalents.

Half way through the show, Chris paid tribute to the late Sir Stirling Moss who died in April this year and drove his very Lotus 18 around Goodwood.


This episode is one of the best in this series I think, the GT road trip had scenery, stunning cinematography which is something Top Gear always used to be about as well as stunning sound, which for a car show is very important. The show isn’t afraid to show a few mistakes, one of the drones obviously crashed into a tree and that shot was left in. Jon Richards and his team are doing a great job with this and Chris was definitely in his element with the well produced tribute to Stirling Moss, which felt like it could have easily been a full on 2 hour documentary and personally I’d love to see a one off special with Chris for Top Gear producing documentaries.

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Top Gear is on BBC One on Sunday at 8pm and on BBC iPlayer. Next episode is this week.