Volkswagen is slowly rolling out new models of the Golf 8, and last week the new GTD version has gone on sale for £32,790, following the GTI and the new GTE which went on sale late last month. The GTD comes in at £670 less than the new GTI and by name, it uses a diesel engine but offers a large amount of power considering the ‘GT’ badge.

Golf GTD has the IQ lights, honeycomb grill and much more as standard. Volkswagen is also adding in keyless entry as standard, sports seats and electric mirrors – as well as a heated steering wheel. In terms of the engine, Volkswagen has added in a 197bhp turbocharged diesel engine, with no manual gearbox added here, only a dual-clutch automatic.

Diesels do have a bad connotation at the moment, and manufacturers are starting to abandon the fuel, due to poor sales. The likes of Ford with the Fiesta, Seat with the Ibiza and Arona, Skoda and more have dropped diesel versions this year. But despite this, Volkswagen has stuck with a diesel GTD for the Mk8 Golf. To combat the NOx emissions, Volkswagen has used two filters on the catalytic converters to reduce the emissions.

Golf 8 GTD is on sale now for £32,790.