Apple One launched last week, the new bundle for combining Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News, Apple Fitness+ and iCloud Storage as well as less items for one price a month. Plans start at $14.95 in the US / £14.95 in the UK which gets you Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and iCloud 50GB. Full details can be found here.

However, now the plan is out some more details have been discovered regarding the specific things that happen when you sign up for Apple One but already have a separate subscription to iCloud for storage. With Apple One, each plan includes a set amount of iCloud storage, 50GB, 200GB or 2TB – depending on the plan.

However, outside of Apple One – users can actually get more than 2TB for the first time as up until the introduction of Apple One, the maximum for iCloud storage has been 2TB. For example, if you sign up to Apple One Premier, you get 2TB and then separately sign up for iCloud Storage (which can be family shared too) at 2TB you can get 4TB in total which is shared between you and your Family Sharing Family.

“After you subscribe to ‌Apple One‌, you can buy more ‌iCloud‌ storage if you need more. With both ‌Apple One‌ and an ‌iCloud‌ storage plan, you can have up to 4TB of total ‌iCloud‌ storage.”