Last night was the last episode of Top Gear Series 29 and this episode definitely felt a more silly episode, with only a little bit of car discussion. The previous four episodes have had silly sections, as any Top Gear episode should – but this last one felt overly silly, which can be and can’t be a bad thing.

First up was a McGuinness creation with “Mr Nippy” – which is a high riding, all electric ice cream van using two 36kWh battery packs from a Mercedes B Class Electric Drive and the rear drivetrain from a Tesla Model S Performance. The lads went to Blackpool, gave ice creams to the locals and put it head to head with a Mercedes ice cream van on Blackpool Airport.

Next up was electric hatches, with the Honda E, Vauxhall Corsa-e and Mini Electric in a race around a deserted Alton Towers.

Paddy’s ice cream van came back later in the episode for a head to head challenge against three hot food vans, driven in turn by Freddie with paintball guns.


Last week’s episode was one of the best in series, it was all about cars and there was some silly items but Chris also had a brilliant documentary about Stirling Moss. While this last episode in the series was entertaining, it did feel overly silly where it didn’t need to be. Other than that, like every episode the sound and visuals are on point.

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Top Gear was on BBC One on Sunday at 8pm and the rest of the series is now on BBC iPlayer. Top Gear will be back in 2021 for Series 30.