Jonny Smith, a man best known for Fifth Gear and Smith and Sniff – a podcast he runs with Richard Porter, who was the script editor for Top Gear throughout the Clarkson era and now The Grand Tour sat down with current presenter of Top Gear, Chris Harris. Chris is a former writer for Autocar and is a racing driver and has been making videos on YouTube before he joined Top Gear and is a very well respected man in the car world. Chris has never openly showed off his car collection and he recently let Jonny Smith interview him, which was more of an ‘idol chit chat’ as Jonny calls it on The Late Brake Show.

The interview is in two parts, each about 30 mins and its very insightful, it isn’t just them sat down talking, the way its edited has pauses and breaks to look at a few of Chris’s cars which is nice and the whole vibe is very relaxed, right down to the leather chairs Jonny brought with him, which are great.

Check out the interview below, it is well worth watching.

Part One

Part Two