Here in Europe, electric car sales have been increasing by a lot, based on the numbers of October 2020 which saw an increase of 153% compared to October 2019. Last month, 1,127,624 cars were registered and 26.8% of those cars were electric with the best selling car being the brand new Volkswagen ID.3, which sold 10,475.

Earlier this year in April, Tesla saw success as the best selling overall car in the UK with the Model 3.

“Similarly to the demand seen for the Tesla Model 3, the Volkswagen ID 3 is another example of how appetite for competitive and stylish electric cars continues to grow day by day.”

Felipe Munoz – Jato Analyst

The second best selling electric car in Europe in October was the Renault Zoe, just behind the ID.3 with 9778 sold.

However traditional combustion cars are still selling more, with the new Vauxhall/Opel Corsa being the third best selling car in Europe last month with 21,220 which also makes it the best overall selling car in 2020. Volkswagen also had a best selling car in Europe with the new Volkswagen Golf.

Source: Jato Dynamics