Ubiquiti has recently announced UniFi OS support for the Cloud Key G2 and Cloud Key G2 Plus. UniFi OS first debuted with the UniFi Dream Machine and Dream Machine Pro as well as the UNVR and offers the new portal, streamlined management and access to the back end settings page of the device over the remote connection. unifi.ui.com will be the single place for everything going forward, UniFi Talk, UniFi Access, UniFi Network and UniFi Protect to make everything simpler.

The new update adds the following to the Cloud Key G2 Plus, only UniFi Network is added to the standard Cloud Key G2.

  • Network 6.0.43 (pre-installed)
  • Protect 1.16.9 (pre-installed)
  • Talk
  • Access
  • LED (available when using led products)

What does UniFi OS add? Ubiquiti says:

  • Centralized user/access management.
  • Single sign-on to all controllers.
  • Single Remote connection and new Cloud portal.
  • Easy installation and management of different Apps (Controllers)

How do I update?

So migrating from previous firmware to UniFi OS won’t happen automatically, it’ll need a manual update – either from the web UI or via SSH. We recommend SSH as sometimes the web UI can hang and fail the update.

Web UI

Login to the UCK UI, go to settings and choose the option to update manually and enter the firmware URL found here on the Ubiquiti forums, be sure to choose the correct one for your device.


SSH into your Cloud Key and execute the following. <url> can be found here on the Ubiquiti forums.

ubnt-systool fwupdate <url>