WhatsApp and Facebook has had a lot of negative feedback and users flocking from the messaging service in the past week, due to its new updated privacy policies. The company has urged on Twitter this week that the new privacy policy will not affect the company’s ability to read messages.

Last week, WhatsApp started with popups appearing on users phones, and if you didn’t agree, your account will be deleted come the 8th February. WhatsApp wants to basically collect more information and share it between Instagram and Facebook for the purpose of adverts and users have been sharing their dissatisfaction on Twitter, with alternatives Signal and Telegram seeing huge spikes in numbers since the issue made it to the news.

It has caused an issue so much so the the CAIT asks Indian government to ban WhatsApp and Facebook but WhatsApp has come out and said that the company can’t see your location, messages or who you contact. While this may be true, it is too late for a lot of users who have had enough of Facebook.

Much more private alternatives to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are Telegram, iMessage and the most private with Signal, even so that Tesla CEO has recommended the app which has been one of  the causes for its rapid popularisation. As of writing, Signal is now the most popular app on the UK App Store for iOS.