For those who don’t use the Ring system for doorbells and security cameras it has a Neighbours app designed for a whole community to use, as a neighbourhood watch type of service and there isn’t a need for any Ring hardware at all. However, like the hardware and services Ring offers, the app now is suffering from some privacy issues.

The Neighbours app has ben exposing the precise locations and actual addresses of users who use the software and regularly post int the app. This information wasn’t being exposed to users, but there was the potential for an attacker to get a hold of this information.

Yassi Shahmiri from Ring has assured that the company had “not identified any evidence” of any information being maliciously accessed.

For those looking for a completely privacy focused and private internet connected doorbell, we would recommend the UVC-G4-DoorBell from Ubiquiti Inc, with on premise storage and no cloud needed.