2020 was a hard for a lot of businesses and especially car brands. A lot of car companies suffered from less car sales and registrations in the UK but the company which suffered the most was Subaru. The company only sold 951 cars in the whole year in 2020, throughout the 69 dealers here. 2019 saw the company sell 3,000 cars.

“2020 was a horrible year. What can you say? It’s just an embarrassing number. There’s no more context, to be honest. As a brand, we had a very high registration number in December 2019. In fact, it was actually the best month Subaru UK has had ever. So we went into 2020 with a big backlog.”

John Hurtig – Subaru UK Managing Director

However the poor sales in 2020 hasn’t discouraged Subaru to pull out of the UK, Hurtig said there is a demand and a need for Subaru in the UK. He also said that there is a hope to build 15 more Subaru dealers this year.