Back in the 2000s, Apple had a series of very famous adverts pitting the Mac against the PC and those adverts lasted a few years and Apple didn’t really do any of those adverts again, but in the mid 2010s Microsoft started the conflict again when it launched the new Surface line, comparing iPads and MacBooks to its 2-in-1 touchscreen PC and the latest advert aired over the weekend, during Sunday night’s NFL championship games in the US.

The advert is comparing the Surface Pro 7 with whats seems to be a new MacBook Pro. The main point was taking a shot at the Touch Bar, which has been on MacBook Pros since 2016. The boy in the ad asks “Mac gave me this little bar, but why can’t they just give me a whole touchscreen?.” Some users have expressed their dislike of the Touch Bar and some rumours have been floating around the internet of the next MacBook line will be touch screen, considering the redesign of macOS Big Sur.

The ad also says the Surface “It is a much better gaming device.” than the MacBook Pro. If Microsoft is comparing the M1 MacBook Pro, then even the MacBook Air running M1 has been performing well in frame rate tests and the Surface Pro 7 has integrated Intel graphics.

Whether or not Apple removes the Touch Bar from the MacBook Pro will remain to be seen.