Starlink is a world wide internet project by Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX. The main goal is to provide functioning and usable internet connections to basically everyone in the world, no matter where they are. The service has been in beta for a while in select parts of the US, Canada and the UK, but today the company has no opened up the pre-order to anyone, and it seems it is ready to be ordered in the US and the UK from what we can tell.

The pre-order is $99 / £89 with the Starlink hardwire costing $499 / £439.00 and $99 / £89.00 per month thereafter. In the UK at least, the estimated time for the service being available is “mid to late 2021” but some areas are 2022. In the kit includes the Starlink dish, PoE injector, WiFi router and propriety ethernet cable. Preorders are fully refundable.

SpaceX is planning on having over 10,000 satellites in low orbit eventually, but for the time being over 1,000 are there.