This week Audi has announced the all new, all electric E-tron GT, its third car under the E-tron brand and while the first two models have been high riding SUVs, the GT is more of a rival to the Tesla Model S, which Audi has describes as “the gran turismo of the future.” The GT is also around the same price as the Tesla Model S, with prices starting at €99,800 in Germany, converted that comes in at £88,110. However Audi hasn’t confirmed prices here in the UK, it will come to this market when it arrives with dealers this spring.

If this car looks familiar, its because Audi announced this as a concept car back in 2018 and even ran a Super Bowl advert too, and it does look very close to the original concept, the car sits very low and wide. Both Audi and Porsche are owned by the VW Group and do share platforms and engineering work and the Audi E-tron GT shares its base architecture with the all electric Porsche Taycan and both cars are roughly the same width too.

The E-tron GT has four wheel drive, with two electric motors with a 235bhp motor at the front and a 429bhp on the rear. The whole car produces 469bhp most of the time, but a boost mode produces 523bhp and takes the car from 0-60mph in 4.1 seconds, with a top speed of 152mph.

The E-tron GT will come to UK dealers this spring with a RS model too, which will have 590bhp.