From time to time, Apple provides information to developers about what percentage of devices in a given time frame are running what operating system. In recent years, the rate at which a new operating system has been adopted is simply staggering, even more so with iOS 14 which introduced home screen widgets which allowed users to customise the look and feel as well as icons on the phone.

Last week Apple has provided information on how many devices, that were launched in the last four years are running iOS 14. 86% of all iPhones launched in that time frame are running iOS 14 with 12% on iOS 13. Regardless of what year the model was launched, 80% of all iPhones are now running iOS 14.

iPad numbers are pretty similar, 84% of all iPads launched in the last four years are now on iPadOS 14, with a bit lower 70% of all iPads in use running iPadOS 14. This number makes sense, people are more likely to replace phones sooner than iPads and older iPads are still being used, such as the iPad 2 from 2011.