In the Ubiquiti world of products, the devices it offers fall under two categories: Enterprise and ISP/MSP. UniFi deals with the enterprise side, all the range of products be it UniFi Network, UniFi Protect, UniFi Talk, UniFi LED and and UniFi Access – they all have a centralised screen which is used to manage the devices.

The other devices such as sunMAX, EdgeMAX, airMAX, airFiber, uFiber and LTU are all used in WISP/ISP or MSP environments. All of these devices have very different operating systems with different user interfaces and managing them can be complicated especially on a large scale. To manage the airMAX devices at least, Ubiquiti has experimented with airControl in the past and UCRM, airCRM and more, as well as a second version of airControl. Eventually in 2017, Ubiquiti settled on UNMS, which is now known as UISP to manage all of the devices that are ‘not UniFi’.

Devices can be reconfigured, set alerts, see stats and more without logging into each device. Backups can be taken from devices and topology maps can be drawn too, which are all live showing you what section of your network has gone down. Ubiquiti also offers a mobile app for UISP with a lot of the same features, including live alignment of airMAX and airFiber devices.

For small ISPs, getting billing set up can be a challenge, thankfully included with UISP is a CRM software suite, with ticketing, billing, scheduling and accounting all integrated for free. Ubiquiti even offers its own payment gateway in place of PayPal.

Ubiquiti offers a free cloud instance of UISP for free over on for a minimum of 10 devices or more, for any less the best and easiest place to get started is HostiFi by Reilly Chase.