For a long time, Ubiquiti’s line of USG firewalls and the new UDM all in one machines have always been lacking a few routing and firewall features which have made them not a great choice for more advanced use cases. One of those much needed features is having multiple IP addresses on one WAN interface. This kind of thing can be used for having multiple servers on the LAN that need to be accessed from the wider network, with port forward rules and so on.

Starting this week, Ubiquiti has finally added multiple WAN IP support to the UDM and UDM-Pro (UniFi Dream Machine and UniFi Dream Machine Pro). With firmware version 1.9.0, which should be rolling out to users over the next few days, Ubiquiti has added:

“Display multiple WAN IP addresses in Settings.”

Read the release notes here, as there is lot more to unpack than just this one feature. For a detailed look at this feature and how it works, check out the below video from Willie Howe on YouTube.