This week, Amazon has opened the first Fresh mini supermarket outside of the US in London. The Fresh store was first unveiled back in 2017 and Amazon now has over 25 stores stateside with a large supermarket in Seattle.

The concept made headlines when it was announced thanks to not having any checkouts, you simply walk in, get what you need and walk out. Once you leave, what you picked will be charged to your credit card using the Amazon Go app. AI around the shop track what you pick up and put down and it’ll add and remove items from your basket accordingly.

The new store in London is in Ealing and Amazon is utilising its existing relationship with Morrisons, which the pair partner up on for Amazon Fresh delivery.

“Our Amazon Fresh store in Ealing is the size of your typical convenience food store, which is roughly 2,500 square feet in the front of house,” Amazon wrote in a FAQ. “We’re excited to bring this concept to the UK and look forward to opening additional stores in the Greater London area.”