Since the Ford Mustang was first offered here in the UK, two engine models were offered. The traditional 5.0-litre V8 with 444bhp and a smaller Ecoboost four cylinder model which was the same engine included in the now discontinued Ford Focus RS. That model had 313bhp when it was initially launched in 2015, but over time Ford had to reduce the amount of power it produced due to European emissions regulations down to 286bhp.

However this week, Ford has stopped offering the Ecoboost model in the UK due to poor demand and that model was only taking up a small proportion of overall Mustang sales, at 15%. Going forward, Ford will only be offering the Mustang with the V8 engine, priced at over £44,000.

Ford spoke to Autocar magazine and said:

“The latest Mustang coupé range is V8-only, reflecting customer preference and prior low demand for the 2.3 four-cylinder at 15% of sales. Engineering resource has to be prioritised across all car models, balancing their popularity, emissions compliance and CO2 contribution.”

Ford has recently launched the Mustang Mach 1 in the UK, which replaces the Mustang Bullitt as the top level model at £55,185.