Ford is planning on launching a new all electric Transit Custom in 2023, which goes along with its promise to offer a fully electric version or plug in hybrid variant of every model in its commercial product line by the year 2024. To achieve this, both Volkswagen and Ford are partnering up and out of the deal, a fully electric Transit Custom and a fully electric Volkswagen Transporter will hit the market.

As it is when car manufacturers partner up, the two vehicles will be very closely related, with most likely a shared platform, battery and charging system. Both the Transporter and Custom will be made in Turkey, where the current combustion Custom is made and the partnership between the two companies is to achieve a much larger economies of scale, which will help boost profits for both companies.

“The next-generation Transit Custom range – including the all-electric versions – will strengthen Ford’s position as Europe’s number-one commercial vehicle brand. Transit Custom is the jewel in our commercial vehicle crown and key in our drive to grow our commercial vehicle business as we continue to create a sustainable, profitable Ford business in Europe rooted in an electrified future.”

Stuart Rowley – Ford Europe President

For now, until the time comes Ford will still be offering combustion as well as hybrid versions of the Transit Custom as the need is still there with the diesel engines coming from Dagenham in the UK.