This week Renault has announced the new Master ZE Hydrogen which will be unveiled later this year with an aim to go on sale in 2022. The company already has the Master ZE on sale, an all electric cargo van capable of around 100 miles on one charge, which for a large variety of use cases and businesses, that just isn’t viable and traditionally that is where a diesel van shines, with 500-600 miles of range.

Renault is hoping the hydrogen Master will fill that gap between fully EV and combustion fuels, the van will use the same electric motors as the EV version but use hydrogen tanks instead. That means the range, according to Renault will be around 500km which is 310 miles.

Mark Sutcliffe from Renault has said that the new van is in development currently and will be unveiled officially later in 2021 and have a range of “somewhere between 500km and 600km”.