Apple is due to announce a new line of iPad Pro models pretty soon, its been around a year so far since the current models were refreshed with the A12Z chip, multiple cameras and Lidar sensor. Judging by Apple’s past chip choices for the iPad Pros, it would make sense that they make a new A14X chip with more GPU cores, based upon the A14 found in the iPad Air and iPhone 12.

With this taken on board, some references to the possible new chip have been found in iOS code by Apple blog, 9to5Mac within the beta build of iOS 14.5, which was released last week. 9to5Mac found that the A14X SoC is referred to in the code as a chop called the 13G, which they say refers to the A14X.

Apple could be launching a new line of iPad Pro models in April this year, with better cameras, Mini-LED screen tech and obviously, the A14X SoC. Once any new information is available, be sure to check back to A&T Tech for the latest news.