Back in September last year, Skoda dropped the vRS sports version of its large seven weather SUV, the Kodiaq. At the time, the reasoning was due to emissions regulations. The last version of the Kodiaq vRS used a 237bhp twin-turbo diesel engine and it exceeded the emissions targets level.

Skoda has just announced a new refreshed Kodiaq, which redesigns the lights all round to be more angular and inline with other Skoda SUV models, LED lights are now available as well as a few nips and tucks around the body. This is the first design update to he Kodiaq since it was launched in 2016.

With the new Kodiaq vRS, Skoda has ditched the diesel engine and opted for a petrol engine, which itself is more powerful than the old engine and its 60kg lighter. Power is up from 237bhp to 241bhp, however Skoda has not revealed any 0-60mph or top speed figures yet.

Most other things about the Kodiaq vRS remain the same, it still has a DSG gearbox and is still all wheel drive and the interior  has some red accents on the seats to remind you this is something different and a 10.25-inch infotainment screen comes as standard.

The new Kodiaq vRS is due to go on sale in July, prices haven’t been revealed yet, but the old model was £42,870.