This week, Mazda US has confirmed that the new hybrid Mazda MX-30 SUV will go on sale in the US this autumn, for around $30,000 (£24,000) before any government discounts or incentives. The MX-30 is a small crossover that we have had in the UK and Europe for a couple of months and it has a decent amount of range, but not loads.

Being a hybrid, it also has a combustion engine to act in tandem with the batteries and Mazda is going back to its rotary engine days and they say it will be running at near silent and it won’t be driving the wheels, instead running at a much lower RPM to charge the batteries.

The electric motor generates 107kW or 144bhp and 271 lb-ft torque to the front wheels only. The rather small 35.5kWh battery back provides 124 miles of range and does support 50kW DC fast charging.

The MX-30 is already on sale in the UK and Europe and due to go on sale in the US this autumn (fall).