Earlier today, Ubiquiti launched a new update for the airMAX AC line of products, with airOS 8.7.4. This update is for the PowerBeam AC, NanoStation AC, NanoBeam AC, Bullet AC, Rocket AC and more.

This release comes out a full nine months after the last version, airOS 8.7.1 which was released in June 2020. Quite a few annoying bugs have been fixed, few name changes of services and extra bits of information has been added too. UNMS labels have been changed to UISP across the UI and a bug that causes a station to drop off and then not reconnect again until the AP has been rebooted has been rectified too.

A few areas of the UI have been cleaned up too, the notable of which are below with side by side screenshots of airOS 8.7.1 and 8.7.4 to compare.

Release Notes


– Wireless: Improved capacity calculation.

– Wireless: Management radio is always enabled during the initial setup.

– Wireless: Corrected RX signal calculation and reporting.

– Wireless: Improved wireless performance when using IPv6.

– UISP: Improved integration with UISP controller.

– UISP: Added WiFiman support.

– Web UI: Improved ATPC control.

– Web UI: Dashboard and configuration improvements.

– Web UI: Hide incompatible Site Survey results by default.

– Web UI: Added Link Service Uptime to dashboard.

– Web UI: Updated EULA and Privacy Policy.

– Web UI: Moved EULA/Privacy Policy link and genuine logo from dashboard to the system page.

– Web UI: NAT will be enabled by default when switching to router network mode.

– System: Changed Swaziland country name to Eswatini.

– System: Make IPv6 forward enabled by default on all network interfaces.

– Security: Upgraded OpenSSL to v1.1.1g.

– Regulatory: Updated frequency plan for South Africa.

– Regulatory: Updated frequency plan for Pakistan.


– System: Sometime CPE is not allowed to reconnect until an AP reboot.

– System: After resetting to defaults US 2WA device is missing 2GHz channels.

– System: After removing “1000 Mbps-Half” or “1000 Mbps-Full” advertised link modes they are still reported, but non-functional.

– Web UI: Fixed validation for output power setting.

– Web UI: Incorrect wireless mode Station Mixed for remote device.

– Web UI: Dashboard does not show DFS bar in rare situation.

– Web UI: Incorrect high signal warning message.

– Web UI: AirView mouse over doesn’t work when AirMagic is in the background.

– Web UI: Initial CINR value is incorrect.

– Tool: SpeedTest chart sometimes shows unexpected spikes.

– Wireless: Expected signal does not change after frequency change.

Additional information

RE: “Wireless: Corrected RX signal calculation and reporting.” a +/- difference in reported signal level may result following upgrade, which does not affect radio performance in any way.

– Decrease in signal level may appear due to automatic gain control (AGC) compensation due to RSSI calculation.

– Increase in signal level may appear due to improvements to noise floor calculation.

Downloading airOS update

airOS 8.7.4 can be downloaded from the Ubiquiti Community post or via the airOS device under the System tab

Source: Ubiquiti