Honda has said this week that it will stop making and selling any combustion based cars in twenty years time, by 2040. The Japanese car company has also said that by 2030 at least, it is expecting at least forty percent of its sales worldwide to be fully electric cars and fuel cell based, such as hydrogen. This self set deadline comes a bit late when compared to other car companies, such as Jaguar which recently said back in February that by 2025 it is going to an electric only company.

Ford also said in February that by 2030 it is going to be only selling EVs in Europe, this is due to the restrictions the UK government has put in place which is going to be requiring car manufacturers to only sell fully electric cars by 2030, with hybrids being allowed up until 2035. Honda’s efforts in the UK will have to be in line with this too.

However, in other places around the world, such as most of the US the restrictions have not yet been put in place and Honda’s current line up doesn’t contain many EV models. Here in the UK and Europe, we have the Honda E which is a retro inspired small hatchback which costs around £26,000 for 130 miles or so of range. In the US, the Clarity was recently dropped from sale and the company will be working with GM to make two new EVs.

Honda will also work on electric motorbikes and scooters for a launch by 2024.