This week, Microsoft has announced that Teams has hit 147 million daily active users, the last time Microsoft revealed any figures around Teams was back in October 2020 when it announced it had passed 115 million daily active users. This is now marking a 26% increase since then. Business and schools are still moving to these sort of services, along side its competitors such as Slack, Google Meet and Zoom.

Microsoft has been pushing Teams for a number of years now, and back at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic last March, the service gained around 40 million new users in a few weeks. Workers rapidly moved to home working, which in most cases is still happening even a year later.

Companies may choose to use Teams over other services such as Zoom or Google Meet as users don’t need to make a new account to sign up, most are already in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem for SharePoint and Office apps and its not another account the company needs to shut down or make when an employee leaves or joins.

Zoom has also had its fair share of security issues and mispractice over the years, which might urge some companies to use Teams.