Honda has recently introduced the all new Honda Civic for 2021 in the US, with an intent to launch it here in the UK and Europe later this year. The new Honda Civic in the US isn’t available in hatchback form, as it is for the UK market so the photos we have access to, are of the saloon only.

However, from the images Honda has revealed, the new car has a redesigned front end with less angular headlights which actually makes the car look more friendly. The front end is squared off and the Honda badge straddles the grill and the elongated bonnet. Honda has moved the front A pillars back a bit to make the bonnet seem larger than it is, but this design choice makes sense for the saloon, so we’ll see what design choices are made for the hatchback.

On the inside, Honda has followed in line with the new Jazz and Honda E and has made an attempt to ‘de-clutter’ the dashboard, with new floating touchscreen which might be to everyone’s taste, but it is larger now. Up from a 7.0-inch screen which is standard, to now 9.0-inches. Honda has also said it has done some software work to simplify the menu systems and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are offered too.

Like other cars in this segment, Honda has moved to a digital drivers display, where the usual dials once were. It’s a 10.2-inch offering, but this is only available on higher specced models. The entry level trims have a 7.0-inch screen and the speedometer remains a physical needle.

In terms of engines, Honda has a 2.0-litre petrol unit with 150bhp and a larger 1.6-litre with 180bhp both of which are automatic with front wheel drive. However, these engines are for the US market so Honda is likely to have a manual offering at least and probably different engines.

The new Honda Civic will be available in the UK and Europe later this year, with prices yet to be confirmed.