This week, Disney has reported its latest subscriber numbers for its service, Disney+. The streaming service was only launched at the end of 2019 in the US and in early 2020 in the UK and Europe, but it now has 103 million paying subscribers. Disney had its Q2 earnings report on Thursday this week and it revealed that it has now revised its estimations for subscribers too.

The last time Disney reported its figures was in March this year, when it had just over 100 million subscribers, before that was in February when it had just under.

Thanks to the growth of Disney+, the company has had to constantly adjust its projections. Back in April 2020, when the service had 33 million subscribers, Disney set out to say that by 2024 it would expect to have between 60 and 90 million subscribers. However, thanks partly to the pandemic, Disney achieved this before the end of last year.

Disney is now expecting that by 2024, it will have more users than Netflix. In 2021, Netflix has 207 million subscribers and Disney is planning on having between 230 to 260 million.