Vauxhall has launched a new hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle version of the Vivaro panel van, which will have 249 miles of range with affect on the load capacity of the van, which is the same as the all electric Vivaro-e and combustion based cars.

Parent company Stellantis announced its hydrogen plans in April this year.

Hydrogen availability in the UK isn’t at a very high availability at the moment, with only 10 stations running in the UK currently. In Germany for example, there are 90 stations currently and probably because of this, Opel will be the first company out of the two to launch the hydrogen Vivaro-e. Opel will launch it in Europe and left hand drive markets this year, but will come to the UK in 2023 as a Vauxhall.

Like all fuel cell electric vehicles, the Vivaro-e has a fuel cell, electric motor, batteries and hydrogen tanks. This has three 700bar hydrogen tanks, a 45kW fuel well, 10.5kWh battery and the same 134bhp electric motor as the all electric Vivaro-e.