Apple launched the new AirTag last month and Tile has been vocally against Apple lately, along with other developers such as Spotify and Epic. AirTag takes unique advantage of the iPhone and the Find My network, as well as utilising the U1 Ultra Wide Band chip that is in the most recent generations of iPhone.

Third party manufacturers don’t have access to the U1 chip, but Apple did open up the Find My network and so far, Chipolo is the only company competing with Apple’s AirTag. Tile has been vocal against this, and rather than making a Find My compatible Tile, the company has seeked out Amazon has a partner and both companies will work with Level and have this other network of devices to help people find lost objects.

Tile trackers will work with Amazon’s Echo range of speakers to help people find objects easier, and Alexa support will be there too and say “Alexa, find my keys” and then the Tile device will beep.