For the past year, Apple has been making its Apple TV app available on lots of other third party platforms, with support for Smart TVs, games consoles and other streaming devices. Apple launched support for the Xbox in November 2020 and now it is adding support for Dolby Vision, for an improved HDR viewing experience, so long as the TV you use supports it too.

Xbox consoles do support Dolby Vision, but it needs enabling first you can do so in the settings and it must be said that not all content on the Apple TV app will support Dolby Vision yet.

“To start experiencing it with a Dolby Vision compatible TV, you need to have “Allow Dolby Vision” enabled and checked in Settings > General > TV & display options > Video Modes on your console. You can also confirm if content is available in Dolby Vision by looking for the Dolby Vision logo at the bottom of the Movie / Show’s description page in the ‌Apple TV‌ app or during playback by pressing the B button on your controller.”


The Apple TV app on third party platforms, and the Mac operates differently to how it does on the Apple TV hardware and on iOS devices. On the Apple TV hardware, the app shows everything you are watching, from Apple TV+, iTunes content, Apple TV channels and other third party content from apps. Elsewhere, it is a gateway to everything else, so it only shows Apple TV+, iTunes content and Apple TV channels.