Earlier this month, Subaru shared some images of its upcoming new SUV, which will be the company’s first all electric car and it’ll sit on a shared platform designed specifically for EVs. The platform is being developed in partnership with Toyota and both companies will use it for their next BEV models.

Subaru hasn’t shared any details at all, only the rendering in the image above and the name. Subaru will call it the Solterra EV and it’ll launch in the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan in 2022. Nothing has been mentioned yet if it will come to the UK. We have reached out to Subaru UK for comment on this and we will update this post if we hear back from them.

Subaru hasn’t shared the price, specs, range or anything yet. All we know is that it’ll launch in 2022 and it’ll have an off road theme, as most Subaru’s do and the other image provided is of the badge with some bud splattered on it.