At WWDC, Apple announced iCloud+ which is essentially the new name for paid iCloud storage with the same prices. iCloud+ still has the more storage option but now includes some extra tools to help you protect your data online.

Hide My Email

First up is Hide My Email, which uses the same technology from Sign in With Apple and allows you to give a website you’re signing up to a different email address which will act as a private relay to your real email address, ensuring your own email stays private. Hide My Email can be access from Settings and it’s built into Safari and Mail.

“Hide My Email lets users share unique, random email addresses that forward to their personal inbox anytime they wish to keep their personal email address private.”


HomeKit Secure Video

When you pay for extra iCloud Storage currently, you already get support for HomeKit Secure Video on supported cameras, but you need either the 200GB plan or the 2TB plan, with the first supporting one camera and the latter up to five.

However, Apple is now giving you much more for less, now the 50GB plan at £0.79 UK / $0.99 US per month has support for one HomeKit camera and the 2TB plan supports unlimited cameras, at £6.99 UK / $9.99 US per month.

HomeKit Secure Video offers end-to-end encryption for connected cameras, for viewing and storage and it won’t count against the iCloud storage quota.

Private Relay

Private Relay in iCloud+ sounds like a VPN service, it allows users to browse the web in Safari whist hiding your IP address and all the data transmitted is fully encrypted. No third party between the website and device can see what is being viewed.

“Private Relay is a new internet privacy service that’s built right into ‌iCloud‌, allowing users to connect to and browse the web in a more secure and private way. When browsing with Safari, Private Relay ensures all traffic leaving a user’s device is encrypted.”



iCloud+ will come as part of iOS 15, macOS Monterey and iPadOS 15 later this year.