BMW is going to stop selling the all electric i3 in the US come July, it’ll remain on sale here in the UK and Europe but the American’s desire for ever larger vehicles is killing the smaller car market. Ford stopped selling the Fiesta a couple years back and now only sells trucks and SUVs state side.

Now the i3, is arguably one of BMW’s first all electric cars – despite looking really modern, the i3 was introduced back in 2013 and over this time BMW has sold about 100,000 of them globally since it launched. The i3 has been updated over time, originally it had 80 miles of range from the 22kWh battery and then up to 113 miles from a larger 33kWh batter in 2017.

However, despite it being a very funky car, the i3 will not be sold anymore come July 2021 in the US. Going forward, BMW will sell the iX SUV, iX3 SUV and i4 saloon around the world as their new electric models, with more to come. However, the iX3 won’t be sold in the US.

“At the time of its launch in 2013, the BMW i3 represented a pioneering moment in electric vehicles and lightweight construction. Not only was the BMW i3 of the world’s first purpose-built electric vehicles, but the use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and aluminum in the vehicle’s construction, made it truly unique.”


The i3 continues to be sold in the UK, for around £33,000.