Another week has gone by and its time, once again to go over the best stories we covered here on A&T Tech.

Porsche is recalling some Taycans due to software issues

Porsche is recalling 43,000 Taycans due to powertrain software issue related to the drivetrain, usually issues like this can be solved with OTA updates, however 43,000 affected vehicles need to go back in to the dealers.

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Apple is reported to be using Google Cloud for iCloud

Apple is reported to be using Google Cloud to store 8 million terabytes of iCloud data, as a supplement to its own data centres and AWS.

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Canada will be banning the sale of new combustion cars by 2035

Canada now joins the UK, Ireland, Japan and more to ban the sale of new cars that are combustion based, the country will do this starting in 2035.

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Apple released iOS 15 public beta this week

This week, Apple released the first public beta of iOS 15, bringing many changes to FaceTime, new SharePlay and more. iOS 15 will be generally available later this year.

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Edinburgh is aiming to have a low emissions zone by 2022

This week, BMW pulled the all electric i3 from sale in the US, whereas it remains on sale here in the UK.

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