Tesla has announced that its Supercharger network will soon be able to work with other third party electric cars, starting later this year. Elon Musk announced the change on Twitter this week, replying to @TesLatino. Tesla has 2,500 stations accroess the world with a total of 25,000 individual charging points, 600 of which are in the UK and Ireland.

Musk also later added that over time, this support would be worldwide. There also isn’t much information out there about how this would work, the Model S and Model X both use the Type 2 connector, whereas the Model 3 and Model Y use the more standard CCS connector. Also how would users pay – as with a Tesla the account you are logged into on the car gets charged for how much you use, the actual charger doesn’t have a screen.

More information should come out when Tesla gets ready to announce this and launch it later this year.