This week, Apple has announced its Q3 earnings for 2021 with details on company profits, revenue and more. During the third quarter Apple had revenue figures of $81.4 billion with profits of $21.7 billion.

For this past quarter, Apple has archived an all time high for its services revenue, which hit $17.5 billion and covers all of Apple subscriptions and other services, with the App Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay, Apple TV+ and more. Services in Q2 2021 were $16.9 billion. Apple now has 700 million paid subscriptions.

In other areas, Apple has seen a large surge of sales for iPad and Mac in this quarter. Mac sales hit $8.8 billion in revenue in Q3, compared to a year ago which was $6.5 billion. iPad is at $7.4 billion, a year ago was $6.6 billion.

Lastly comes iPhone, which Apple has seen “strong double digit growth” from in the last quarter, mainly from customers upgradng from an older phone or even swapping from an Android phone to iPhone. During this quarter, the iPhone sales brought in $39.6 billion in revenue.