Mercedes has revealed that the G-Class four wheel drive will get an electric version in 2024. The EQG will be one of the many cars that the company is converting to electric over the next four years, as Mercedes is aiming to have an electric version of every segment of vehicles by 2025.

Alongside the EQG, Mercedes will also have an EQS Mayback SUV made all electric, which will be something like an S Class SUV.

“Next year we will present SUV versions of our EQE as well as of our EQS. All these cars will provide high range, first-class comfort and impressive dynamics. And I can promise you that we will maintain this momentum going forward. What applies to the Mercedes portfolio also applies to our incredibly strong sub brands – we want to go electric.”

Britta Seeger – Head of Marketing and Sales, Mercedes

For both the Mayback EQS SUV and the EQG, not much is know about these yet as Mercedes hasn’t said anything but we do know that the platform they’ll sit on is cable of of housing a 100kWh battery and up to 435 miles of range.

We’ll have to wait and see what Mercedes has in store for these two new upcoming models.