Ubiquiti is getting its 60GHz product line well and truly up and running, with three different GigaBeam point-to-point products, two airFiber 60GHz products and a 60GHz UniFi Building Bridge. However, out of the three different GigaBeam radios Ubiquiti makes it can be a bit confusing which one to get – this guide will explain what each one is used for, prices and which one is the best fit for your use case.

Ubiquiti has three models of 60GHz Gigabeams on sale at the moment, with the Gigabeam, Gigabeam Plus and Gigabeam LR. Two of the models offer a 5GHz back up radio for poor weather conditions, with the Gigabeam and Gigabeam LR. The Gigabeam Plus is just 60GHz.

The Gigabeam is about the same size as a NanoBeam and has a range of around 500m, with clear line of sight. The GigaBeam Plus has a range of 1.5km and the GigaBeam LR has a 2km range. The GigaBeam and GigaBeam LR both have 5GHz failover radios, which will automatically kick in if the main 60GHz radio has an obstruction or a large amount of rainfall.

All models of the GigaBeam are on sale on Ubiquiti’s own official store, at store.ui.com with the Gigbeam coming in at $129 US / £103.42 UK, the Gigabeam Plus coming in at $179 US / £155.65 UK and the Gigabeam LR at $199 US / £166.10 UK.