Opel has recently announced the new Rocks-e which is identical to the Citroën Ami which was revealed late last year. The Ami is a small all electric car with a small 5.5kWh battery and 43 miles of range and the Rocks-e is exactly the same, albeit it with some minor styling changes.

The Ami in France can be driven from the age of 14 years old and Germany has a similar program, with it being from 15 years old. In France, the Ami is priced at €6,000 (£5,100) or it can be leased for around €20 (£17) per month which is less than what some public transport costs are.

Autocar spoke to Vauxhall who said it has no plans to bring a Rocks-e to the UK, however Citroën is expected to launch the Ami here soon, with prices to be released.