The Honda NSX is coming to an end, the company launched the second generation model back in 2016 and it hasn’t sold many units worldwide. Acura, a US based sister brand to Honda is launching a new run out model, called the Type S special edition, with more power and more torque. The car will only be produced in a limited capacity with only 350 being produced.

300 are reserved for the US market and other other will go to Japan and buyers in central America. No models have been reserved for the UK market. Once these versions are all sold, Honda and Acura will stop production of the NSX.

Honda has made a lot of changes to the Type S. For starters, it has an extra 27bhp and 22Nm, bringing it to 592bhp in total. Honda has also added larger fuel injectors, more efficient intercoolers and new turbochargers. Changes were also made to the electrical system, the motors are now more efficient and have a higher output.

The new Type S special edition is priced from $169,500 in the US (£122,000)